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Over the years market studies have been conducted among consumers to know what makes the difference in choosing one brand from another, one product from another, one service from another

VDT arised from the need of our customers 3 years and 6 months ago in the northern zone of the country fora a specialized service in transportation and logistics, creating new expectations of customized suits, tailored to their needs, prioritizing the required changes in this current item.

VDT exists to provide an exclusive service where the client is given a memorable experience. We do not offer freight from such place to such place, we have at our reach commercial partners with 20 years of experience in the middle of the maritime, air and land transport.

Logística y transporte

What does VDT Mean?

The name originates from the acronym


Which are our main values.



To provide an excellent transport and logistic service to all our customers to better suit their needs, thus develop business synergies collaborating in a comprehensive and timely manner in every single project, always in a quest for excellence.



To become the best choice in ground, aerial and maritime transport in the market; and remaining as a reliable and integral solution generating a greater added value in a highly competitive market.

Organizational culture

COMMITMENT: Agreements are made with our clients, which are respected to reach an excellent service, with responsibility and kindness.

HONESTY: Transparency, sincerity and frankness are values ​​that our clients obtain, and this is related to the use of the truth as a tool to have the trust and credibility that clients need.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: All our processes and protocols are designed in the best possible way to provide the excellent service that our customers need and grow in a sustainable way.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Those of us who are part of VDT always encourage solution-oriented thinking, thus avoiding wasting time to find culprits or regret what did not work, to make way for innovations. So we create processes that help continuous improvement in this ever-changing industry..

VDT Services

  • Closed ton trucks for express shipments
    • Monterrey -> Saltillo – Torreón: Monday, wednesday & friday.
    • Torreón -> Saltillo – Monterey: Tuesday, thursday & saturday.
    • Monterrey -> Laredo: Monday, wednesday & friday.
    • Laredo -> Monterrey: Tuesday, thursday & saturday.
    • Monterrey -> Reynosa: Monday, wednesday & friday.
    • Reynosa -> Monterrey: Tuesday, thursday & saturday.
  • POBOX – Buy in the USA and receive in Mexico right to your front door
  • National and International Shipping – UPS, ESTAFETA, DHL y FEDEX.
  • Service expedited in any of our units, hot shot service, whether terrestrial USA – Mex and vice versa, and aerial.
  • Land service in Ftl, LtL both Mexico and USA.
  • Air service MEX and rest of the world.
  • Hazmat service both Mexico and USA, air rest of the world.
  • Land service to Central America.
  • Land service within the country in any of the units. 
  • Warehouses in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon & Laredo, TX.
    • Monterrey warehouse: Carr. Miguel Aleman km 25.1 Parque Industrial HASNA III Apodaca N.L. Mexico C.P. 66600
    • Laredo TX warehouse: 14203 Distribution Av. Laredo, TXx. 78045
  • Armed custody service with permission from SEDENA.
  • Insurance for the merchandise.
  • Maritime service Asia, Central America, India, Europe, Cargo maritime project.
  • Service for oversized merchandise


Torton truck
Box truck
Container Ship
Flat bed
Double 40ft dry van
Cargo van 1ton closed
Cargo Van 1ton open
Box Truck 3.5 ton. closed
Dry Van
Refrigerated Trailer
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  • Dry Van 48″ & 53″
  • Refrigerated trailer 48″ & 53″
  • Flat beds
  • Torton truck
  • Oversize Shipment Units
  • Cargo van 1ton open/closed
  • Box truck 3.5 tons open/closed
  • Box Truck open/closed
  • Double 40 ft refrigerated
  • Double 40 ft dry van
  • Container ship 20″ & 40″
  • Transfer in Laredo & Colombia border.

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Main office – Monterrey

Av. Batallon de San Patricio 111

San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 66269

Cell. 81 1762-6813

Tel: 81 5998-0116

Branch office – Torreon

Calle Rio Grijalva 1075. Col. Navarro

Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, 27010

Cell. 81 1762-6813

Tel: 87 1589-9857

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Av. Batallon de San Patricio 111. San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Monterrey; Mexico. 66269

Tel: 81 5998-0116


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